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Binding and finishing are those activities performed on printed material after printing...

After all Presentation is EVERYTHING !

The term finishing refers to any post-printing operation, including but not limited to cutting, trimming, folding, and binding, it also refers to specialized decorative processes.

Binding involves the fastening of individual sheets together, while finishing involves additional decorative actions, such as die-stamping, embossing, etc.

We have successfully fulfilled many projects, such as Books & Catalogs - that have utilized the following Binding & finishing procedures...

  1. Specialty Finishing
    1. Die Cutting
    2. Foil Stamping & Embossing/Debossing
    3. Laminating
    4. Pocket Folders
    5. Boxes & Packaging
    6. POPs
  2. Mechanical Binding
    1. Wire-O
    2. Plastic Spiral
    3. Spiral Wire
    4. Plastic Comb
  3. Stitching
    1. Saddle Stitching
  4. Adhesive Binding
    1. Perfect Binding
    2. PUR Glue
    3. Layflat Adhesive
    4. Notch Perfect